• Official Emblem

    • Gwangan Bridge is engraved in the table tennis rackets that are made with the colors of ‘taegeuk’ mark (also the colors of Korean national flag) to symbolize Busan.

    • The rim of the rackets are arranged to make an infinity sign ‘∞’ to reflect the infinite peace of mankind as well as the two Koreas’ aspiration for reconciliation that are to be formed through table tennis.

    • The middle part of the emblem displays the shape of Korean Peninsula resembling Korean Peninsula flag that represents the desire and wish for peace on the Korean Peninsula and formation of the Korean joint team.

  • Official Mascots

    • The mascots are made after Busan’s city bird, seagull, to symbolize the host city.

    • The seagulls’ white body and wings imply the ‘white-clad race’ (term describing Koreans) while their tireless attempt to fly along waterways symbolizes the Busan citizen’s tough spirit.

    • The cute seagulls dressed in red and blue, the colors of ‘taegeuk’ mark, are holding table tennis rackets to increase intimacy with Busan citizens.

    • ANNA

      "Anna" means "Here!, Take it!" in regional dialect of Busan. It represents the sound of attacking while players play table tennis.

      - It also has meaning of "Beautiful and Pretty" in Korean.

    • ONNA

      "Onna" means "Come on!, Bring it on!" in regional dialect of Busan. It represents the sound of defending while players play table tennis.

      - It is also used as "visit" in regional dialect of Busan.

  • Official Slogan

    The slogan represents the hope of the table tennis family that ‘one table’unites people all around the world as one.

  • Official Theme Song

    • Title : 2.7 Grams of Hope
    • Vocal : Hynn
    • Original Composition (One Victory): Jun Sung Kim
    • Lyrics, Violin, Producing: Noella
  • Ambassadors

    • KIM Seung Wook Actor
    • KIM Yu Seok Actor
    • NAM Chang Hee Entertainer, Actor
    • NOELLA Violinist
    • PARK Seong Ho Comedian
    • SEOL Ha Yoon Singer
    • LEE Si Young Actress
    • CHO Dal Hwan Actor
    • CHO Se Ho Comedian